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On 8th September 2008, we had to say goodbye to a very special boy - our own Carakris Nero. He was the son of the late great Jemness Atlas and his beautiful mum Bedwins Iffi.  We have many happy memories of him but today he has broken our hearts. Go play in the fields my boy you will always be with me. Always Loved, Never Forgotten xxxxx


Nero came from a litter of 3 and at 3 weeks old we knew he was something special. He demanded to be looked at and the first time we took him to dog club he went into the ring as if he owned it. From then on he just got better and better winning many best puppy in show. Also many championship wins and 2 Day Shows but first and foremost he was wonderful boy to live with and my sole mate. At about 13 months of age he started to get too big for his boots at shows and tried my patience many times, just as I was about to give up on him I received a phone call from Eddie and Joyce Stephenson asking if I would like him to go up to stay with them while I went to Australia on a much needed holiday.

He went to stay with Eddie and Joyce a hooligan and came back a gentleman and for this I will be forever grateful. He won 1 CC and Best of Breed, of which we were so very proud but the many who knew and loved him, thought of him as a Champion. He also sired many lovely pups including Ch Korzwin Yazzie and Korzwin Yolli, Carakris Sevvi at Korzwin, Kamakin Keysha, Kamakin Kacey and our own Buffy and Steffie and, not forgetting a very special boy, Jemness Uno with Carakris Murphy doing him proud in the Met. To us he will be so sadly missed. He loved everyone as long they had a ball, with which he would play all day.



Jemness Atlas

Yucca von

der Wienerau

Becky of Lindanvale

Int CH v Rosehurst Chris

Uk CH UK V1 Lindanvale Vegas



Bedwins Iifi

At Carakris

V Cello von Aschera

Zoe She's The Boss


VA1 Zamb vd Wienerau

Bedwins Gemma

V Xasko v Bergmannshof

V Ussi von der Wienerau

Kemnad Dannielle

Bedwins Zamb

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5 - 5 ~ in V12 Irk von Arminius, 4,5 - 4 ~  in 2X VA1 Uran vom Wildsteiger Land

5 - 5 ~  in V Palme vom Wildsteiger Land

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Carakris Nero ~ 1 CC