new carakris 2
 2 carakris ped

Carakris Cazzie ~ Hips 15 Elbows 0


Tramella Xamp

Quendy vom

Messebau at Carakris

V Ute vom Thermodos

VA2 Quantum v Arminius

VA1 Zamp Vom Thermodos

Carakris Zena

VA Nando v Gollerweiher

UK CH Tramella Tanni

V1 Jemness Atlas

Bedwins Iffi at Carakris

VA10 Orbit von Tronje

 Quana vom Messebau

V Tramella Moto

Carakris Nero

Linebreeding - 5 generations

5,5 - 4 ~  in VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti,

5 - 5 ~  in V2 Yassko von der Roten Matter

Carakris Cazzie

Carakris Cazzie is sister to Co Co and is owned in partnership with Janet Lane


Carakris Cazzie won open bitch and went best in Show at Sheffield Show on Sunday 21st October under Judge Alan Charlton.


Cazzie came 1st at the Southern GSD Puppy Show, 2nd at Midland Counties Champ show under judge Herr Rene Rudin and her latest placing is 3rd under Keith Williamson at GSD Club of Scotland.